Will Perdue POW / MIA Softball Tournament

Benefiting Multiple Organizations

Photo of Will PerdueJoin us annually for the prestigious Will Perdue POW/MIA Tribute Tournament, a significant event that not only celebrates the spirit of competition but also honors the legacy of an extraordinary Marine, Will Perdue. This tournament, previously known as the POW/MIA Softball Tournament, has been renamed to pay tribute to Will Perdue's remarkable contributions to our community and the Marine Corps League.

Will, a founding visionary of the Marine Corps League in Cañon City, left an indelible mark on our hearts and our community with his passing in 2021. The inaugural event, which included a poignant flag folding ceremony in his honor, set a precedent for the heartfelt commemorations that continue to define our annual gatherings.

Held at the scenic Cañon City Rouse Park, this tournament brings together teams from diverse backgrounds to share in the camaraderie, competition, and the collective remembrance of the values for which Will stood. Rouse Park, with its inviting green spaces and welcoming atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for this event.

The tournament spans two days of spirited competition, with categories for men's teams and co-ed teams, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive sporting experience. With a modest team fee, it's an open invitation to sports enthusiasts across the region to participate in a cause that goes beyond the game - a tribute to a Marine who exemplified courage, dedication, and a deep love for his country.


Tournament Namesake

William C. Perdue's story is one of valor, service, and sacrifice. Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in March 1966, he served with distinction in Vietnam, and upon returning stateside, he was entrusted with the care of the famed Marine war horse, SSgt. Reckless.

His later years were marked by a valiant fight against illnesses recognized as consequences of exposure to Agent Orange. Despite these challenges, Will's commitment to the Marine Corps and his community never wavered, culminating in the establishment of the Marine Corps League Detachment 1318 in 2008, where he remained a lifetime member.

The Will Perdue POW/MIA Tribute Tournament is more than just a sporting event; it's a gathering that embodies the resilience, camaraderie, and patriotic spirit of those who serve and have served. It's an opportunity for us to come together to honor a legacy, celebrate our heroes, and make lasting memories.

We eagerly anticipate the return of previous teams and warmly welcome new participants to join us in this meaningful tradition. Stay tuned for more details on how you can be a part of this memorable event. We look forward to seeing you there, where we'll not only compete but also celebrate the enduring spirit of Will Perdue and all that he represented.

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